About Us

Lewin Fit Base. Your Health & Fitness Solution

The Lewin’s have created a resistance exercise portable/home gym for those wanting to increase fitness and strength, whilst improving their complete body shape by toning and assisting with weight loss.

The Lewin Fit Base uses resistance bands coupled with a multiple attachments. Giving you a fantastic workout at home/office or anywhere you desire. With over 400 different exercises, it is the most versatile home/portable gym in the world.

What you get.

    1. A strong base that you can attach bands, wheels, balance to. The multiple pegs underneath gives you the ability to change the length and strength of each band.
    2. With the Lewin Fit Base comes a pair of balance beams that clip under the platform to work your stabilizer muscles from every angle.
    3. Each Base comes with a pair of handles and a bar that you can attach the resistance bands and loop bands to.
    4. Another feature to the Lewin Fit Base is 4  x clip on wheels, adding to the versatility of the resistance exercise base. With these wheels in place, the Lewin Fit Base transforms into a rolling platform that can be used perfectly for abdominal work and other exercise routines.
    5. The Lewin Fit Base also comes with a set of ankle straps which allows you to tone and shape those leg muscles. Or you can perform many Pilate’s moves with your ankle straps on.
    6. Push up handles help you perform the perfect push up without the stress on your wrists.
    7. The door anchor adds another dimension  to the 100s of exercises you can do. Attach it high or low to hit those muscles from every angle.
    8. We have even added a booty band to get your booty toned.

The Lewin Fit Base was created so people all over the world could own a piece of exercise equipment that makes a difference to their everyday lives. By exercising with the Lewin Fit Base you can get a complete body workout that will improve your strength, fitness and agility, plus help you lose weight and tone your body.