Michelle’s and Jimmy’s Training tips


START: Set a start date and stick to it.

ROUTINE: Make working out on your LFB part of your weekly routine.

WARM UP:   By warming up you get the blood flowing, stretches ligaments and tendons and gets your nervous system going

EAT BREAKFAST:  Eating breakfast will help your body maintain energy levels and stop you overeating during the day.

SQUEEZE:   At the top of each rep squeeze the muscle you’re working on, this promotes more blood flow to that area.

NEGATIVES:  Concentrate on the reverse motion. Slowing the movement to keep tension on the bands longer.

PARTNER: You’re more likely to stick to your eating plan if someone else is too.

20 MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED: Everyone can find 20 minutes, that’s 1.4% of your day. And you can workout at home.

MUSCLE ANGLE:  Change hand position to activate different muscles.

SPEED:  Speed up your exercises with less rest between each set, to get your heart rate up to lose weight.

REST:  Your body needs recovery. Workout every second day.

SLEEP:  Try and get 8 hrs sleep a night.

UP YOUR REPS:  Hi reps can unlock new muscle growth while keeping you toned.

AVOID CERALS: High in sugar ,salt and high-fructose corn syrup

PROTEIN: Will help in muscle recovery and growth.

GREENS:  Will help boost your immune system, keeping you on your LFP more often.

WATER: Drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day.

VEGIES: Should form the bulk of your carb intake.

DROP SETS:  Start on a harder resistance, Try for 10 reps, drop the resistance, and try to get 10 more reps, do this 3- 5 times.

FRUIT: Melons and berries are best for weight loss.

TEA:  Try and move from black tea to green. It has less caffeine and contains higher levels of polyphenols that help muscles recover.

CHOCOLATE:  If you have to eat chocolate make it dark chocolate.

OMEGA 3: Is good for your heart, joints and helps prevent cells being converted into fat.

BURN BABY BURN: Push yourself into the burn zone to promote muscle and reduce fat.

SMALL PLATE:   Cut down your plate size and your portions.

ALCOHOL:  Cut down or cut out. All that hard work can be undone by a big night.

SNACKS:  Only snack on healthy food.  Not chocolate and donuts.


SMALL STEPS:   Set small targets with diet and exercise. You’re more likely to stick to it.

ENJOY IT:  Your Lewin Fit Base can help you change your life.